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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

garden, christmas and bolognaise sauce

Well what a busy weekend, even though it rained most of Saturday we were able to get the standard roses and lavender planted in the garden bed in front of our house. We have 2 of double delight and 2 of freesia, both perfumed which is a must have for roses.

We put up our christmas tree in the lounge yesterday, because I want to get as many days of christmas lights in as possible.

Bolognaise sauce, I thought I would make some yesterday morning. I got it all started turned the heat down low, then went outside to talk to my husband. He asked me if I wanted to replant our hanging baskets with the petunias we had bought an Saturday, which I did after finishing then tidying myself and the table up, I sat down and looked at the clock it was 11.40, my husband asked if I had thought about what to have for lunch, just as he was asking I remembered the sauce. With that I raced inside yelling over my shoulder I bet it has burnt dry, to my amazement it had thickened quite a lot but hadn't burnt. We ended up having it for tea last night but I did need to add some water to it to heat it up. My husband said it was the best sauce I had made in ages.

Just goes to show that sometimes cooking isn't about the time spent looking after it, it can be the time spent ignoring it !!

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