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Tuesday, August 21, 2012

My Sewing Room

Well I have finally finished tidying my sewing room. What originally started out as an office for Mr CLI, became my sewing room a couple of years ago when I decided that I wanted to try and make a business out of my quilt making.


So after completed quilt tops became like quicksand in the Sahara desert, they first took over a table then a chair then ever so slowly slipped to the floor. I sort of ignored them.


Then along came baby sewing. Well that took over the spare kitchen chair that is kept in the sewing room, then the remainder of the floor. So I only had a path to the desk, then my fabric cabinet.


Why did I let it get this way well for one every time I would think about doing something I was frozen in indecision, why ?


Because when we bought this house 6+ years ago the front room that is now my sewing room had a whopping big plastic pipe coming down from the ducted heating duct in the ceiling through the floor to the cellar, no not a basement as in American homes but a damp cellar. Why would you do that we have our suspicions of the previous owners Son, but nothing other than suspicions.

The inside of a wardrobe we found at an op shop, that already had these shelves. Mr CLI painted it in my favorite cream and put on new handles. All the fabric is sorted into colors, something I did on a previous tidy up.


This room also needed the plaster to be fixed it was the only room in the house. I had thought by now it would be done, then I could hang shelves and shift furniture and get more purpose built furniture. As this hasn't happened I had let the room get the better of me, but after looking at some of the ladies sewing rooms in the Moda Bake Shop sewing room hop. I knew I couldn't post photos of the room as it was so I got my backside into gear and tidied.


The actual desk where I do my sewing.


Now Miss Le Coiffure had get a set of shelves from Cheap as Chips for only $15 and I had seen baskets that would fit in perfectly. So of I went and got a set of shelves and 4 baskets 3 for the shelves and 1 for my scrap booking stickers, that was another area that needed a tidy up.


After trying to put the shelves together by hand, stupid idea. I ventured into Mr CLI's garage and borrowed his cordless drill, after one screw the battery ran out, so back to his garage swapping the flat battery for a charged one. I now know how the swap batteries, screw forwards and backwards.

My scrap booking things, these shelves will go elsewhere, along with the bill stuff and I will get a larger corner unit to hold more things.

My new ironing area the piles are fabrics I have bought for future quilts!

After filling the first one and having an every increasing pile of completed quilt tops and large pieces of fabrics I went back and bought another one with baskets on Saturday, this time I asked Mr CLI to put it together , thinking he would be heaps quicker than me. Not so his set of shelves didn't have any instructions and I walked out to find him putting it together all wrong, but I left him to it and he got them together.

Yes some of it has oozed into the hallway, but it is about 2 meters wide and I have a buffet and display cabinet in it the hat boxes aren't out of place.

There is still more to do in the room in the future once the pipe is removed and the walls have been plastered then painted but till then it is heaps better and I know where just about everything is! Lol


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  1. Thanks for taking us into your sewing room! Everything is so neat and organised :)