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Monday, August 27, 2012

Very Little Clothes & Portable Baby Changing Mat

Aaaaaaaah that's the sound that came from mouth on Friday afternoon. What had I been doing, well for the previous 3 days I had wrangled my over locker thread so it actually over locked. Then I had finished over locking around the seams on the " new cloth nappies" that I had been making for our soon to be here little treasure.

Hard to believe that her feet are going to be so little, so as to fit into these !


To my disgust on Thursday I ran out of elastic, so into town I went and got more elastic then I spent the rest of the day pining little bits of elastic into the waists of the nappies.

Some of the clothes I just got off lay by.

So first thing Friday with some mumbling under my breath because it is an actual bugger of a job, I sewed all the nappies. Each finished one, with a smile on my face :-) , I dropped it into a cane sewing basket that was given to Miss Le Coiffure as a child , which I was returning full of nappies.


The only job left was all the snaps to be put on, this is a job the Mummy to be is going to do.


Well that got rid of nearly the last of the baby sewing. What I did sew today was a portable baby changing map, a design of my own. This I will keep to give Miss Le Coiffure when the little one is born.

I will post full instructions this week.

Now I only have to make the nappy holder to keep at my house for when the little bottom needs changing, that's tomorrow's job.

Poor old Miss Fish was very confused when I was trying to explain tht when the baby is born I will become a Nana. With a frown on her forehead she went to work, trying understand how I can be a Nana when she has a Nana ! This is something she will have to think through before she understands.

I will see you on the flip side.

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