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Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Hop in, Hop out ....

Just a quick blog today. Everything was going swimmingly yesterday morning. I was into the sewing early to make the last baby item a bag to be attached the pusher. Then the phone rang ........ Sigh ......... Miss fish had the sniffles and needed to be picked up from work and brought home :-(


She was meant to be in respite and not coming home till today after work.


So I have been house bound and trying to sew while there are plaintiff calls from the lounge room wanting to know if I had finished, which is impossible. Miss Fish is well enough to eat and drive me crazy but not quite well enough to go to work!


Her nose isn't running today and no more sneezing, so she is on the road to recovery she might be able to get back to work tomorrow or Friday. :-)


I better go because there is more requests for drinks.


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