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Thursday, August 16, 2012

Licorice Allsorts Quilt and Very Little Pj's

Well last week I was wiped out with pain from my shoulder, yes I am still in pain and still being sent like a package in Australia Post from Doctor to Doctor, so after 8 months I have hit a wall trying to use my arm and the consequence was 3 days spent lying in bed trying to get some pain relief and the afternoon spent trying not to be sick because I am allergic to the pain killers :-(


So this week I am still trying to battle on because I have sold another quilt that I haven't finished. It is a nice feeling.


This quilt is much smaller than the last one and I am under less time pressure. I want to quilt this one by hand in Perle cotton. I called it licorice allsorts because when you look at the squares the have straight lines and are the colors of licorice allsorts.


I will show you the quilt as it progress's, at the moment it is still in the sewing squares together and there is lots of starching and ironing.


The pattern is from Moda Bake Shop.


Now for little Pj's, I went yesterday to pick up 2 laybys for my not quite here yet Grandaughter and couldn't help myself when I saw a sale sign.


What I found was 2 pairs of very cute Pj's. One mauve with little elephants on the flannelette pants and an elephant on the top and the other one is pink with stars, which she is going to be.

No justification needed for this purchase as the little one to be doesn't have any Pj's yet.:-)


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