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Friday, August 31, 2012

Hainanese Chicken with Chicken Rice

Now this is a recipe that I have wanted to cook for a while. On Wednesday while she was reclining on the lounge Miss Fish, still home from work with a cold , and I were watching the Singapore Edition of Food Safari, after watching this dish being made Miss Fish turned to me and said "yum, can you make this " .

As we were going to have to do food shopping the next day and it was fairly easy to make the chicken cooks itself, I thought why not.

I also teamed mine with some some stir fried vegetables in oyster sauce.

I served mine on long platters with the sauce in little dipping bowls that I had bought from several Asian shops over the years. I didn't make the chilli sauce I just used my " hot" sweet chilli sauce.

Mr CLI took one look at the platter of food and wanted to know why I had cooked such a special tea, I think he thought that I had a alterior motive to making him this meal. When I assured him that Miss Fish had been watching Food Safari and requested it and it was something fairly easy to cook till the end, when I had to co-ordinate cooking the vegetables and dishing up he was appeased.

After the first mouthful, well actually while eating it he commented that it was absolutely beautiful and if I wanted to I could make it again !

The paste that goes inside the chicken.

I used the recipe off the Food Safari site, the only things I changed was I used less ginger & garlic in the rice, but I did save the fat from the chicken and cooked it in that, also by mistake I put 2 tsps of lime juice in the rice. You couldnt taste it so I don't think that boo boo made any difference.


Also an added bonus was that I have half a large pot of beautiful chicken stock.

The chicken at the start.

The chicken when it is cooked.


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  1. This is one of my favourite dishes! I think I used the SBS Food Safari recipe too and it turned out beautifully :)