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Thursday, January 17, 2013

Tadah The 3 Quilts for the Show are Finished

A couple of months before Christmas I was asked by the local Quilt shop if I would like to enter 3 of my quilts in a quilt show. Well I thought why not.

So in the midst of Christmas preparations , Nana baby sitting duty, Mum taxi duties and the heat l I started and finished before Christmas a quilt for Miss Le Coiffure and her partner as Christmas present a rather large quilt 2.4 metre x 2.8 metre.

Then I decided to finish quiltIng a quilt I had started earlier in the year for Miss Fish.

Then to just make my life even more interesting I decided to design and sew and quilt another quilt between New Years and now.

Phew I'm tired just thinking about it.

So here the are ...


The quilt I made for Miss Le Coiffure


Miss Fishes quilt. The pattern is called Nana's Garden and yes everyone of those 2 1/2" squares I cut by hand !


This is the quilt I designed a simple 4 patch with borders done in baby pink, lemon & grey.

It's time now to drop off the quilts then I can get home. Catch you tomorrow.

Saturday, January 12, 2013

Easy Street - Mystery Quilt by Bonnie Hunter of Quiltville

Well I am racing to the final bit of this quilt I only have 5 blocks to sew then I can put it together then the borders . I have had my lovely ironing assistant - Miss Fish - helping which made my job a bit easier.

Phew it has been a busy time because I have also been trying to finish 3 other quilts since before Christmas.

They are for a quilt show next week.

One completed & given to Miss Le Coiffure for Christmas.

One completed I only have the binding to sew done tonight. This is for Miss Fish.

One left to quilt which will be Monday, Tuesday & Wednesday's job. Insert panting.

I will be sew glad to get them all finished. Well back to the sewing machine for the final push.


Blocks laid out but not sewn together.

Friday, January 4, 2013

Finally the Big Reveal


Well here it is the quilt that consumed all my spare time for about 6 weeks before Christmas.

I made it for Miss Le Coiffure and her partner for Christmas. She wanted the colors to match brown and dusty pink acrylic flower paintings that she has above her bed. Also she wanted stars and hearts.

As the brown & pink was a quite specific color I ended up adding some green so that I would have enough fabric.

Now this quilt is quite big 2.4 meters wide and 2.8 meters long, which I free motion machine quilted on my sewing machine.

It was made with 63 x 12" blocks which consisted of ...


4 fan blocks one for each corner


10 Goose Creek blocks


6 Pieced Star blocks


4 Star of Milky Way blocks


8 Starflower blocks


8 Coxey's Camp blocks


20 Heart blocks

Plus 3 special blocks


Lola the Staffy who lived with us as a puppy when Miss Le Coiffure still lived at home.


Tieka the tabby cat when Miss Le Coiffure came home before she got Lola she brought home with her a kitten Miss Tieka


Last but not least Zara a Bull Terrier who Miss Le Coiffure got as a pup for free because of her fathers parentage ! Her Mum is a pedigree miniature Bull Terrier but her owner thinks Zara's Dad is her sons Staffy that came for a visit !


Here is another view of the finished quilt draped over my bed.


Another view

Well that's it for today's show and tell. I have even asked to enter 3 quilts into a quilt show , very exciting this will be one of them.