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Wednesday, August 22, 2012

A Quick Hello

Just a quick blog today as I am up to my knees in baby nappies. Not the old square ones you fold into shape, but the new cloth nappies which require quite a bit of sewing. I spent all day yesterday overlocking them, then sewing in elastic around the legs. This morning I only have to put in elastic in the waist.

Then I can ship them off to Miss Le Coiffurs to put the snaps on them, then we have to wait for the little bottom to fill it.


Some technical problems this morning as I can't load photos, hopefully by tomorrow it will be sorted.



Then I can ship them off to Miss Le Coiffure, for her to attach the snaps then we await the little bottom to got into them.


I have posted some photos of the current quilt I am making called licorice all sorts. Once the nappies are finished I can get back to it.


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