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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Lemon chicken and stirfry vegetables

Well hello , what a chilly day here for the first day of Autumn the weather has really turned, it is wet, cold and windy.

Tea last night for a change I altered the sauce I use for stirfry vegies. Before my husband had even tasted any he said "this smells great, I don't know what you have done but it smells really good" Thanks.

Steamed Rice - I cooked 2 cups of jasmine rice in my rice cooker.

Lemon Chicken
2 chicken fillets 1 egg 1 dessertspoon of cornflour 1 tablespoon light soy
for coating the chicken 1/4 of each cornflour and plain flour
peanut or vegetable oil for frying

Slice the chicken fillets into small thin slices, mix in a bowl with soy, egg and cornflour. Leave while preparing vegetables. Can be covered and left in the fridge longer, if needed.

To cook heat 1-2 cms of oil in the base of a wok. Add the extra flour and cornflour to the chicken mix chicken using a fork, note - the chicken won't have a thick coating just a thin coating don't worry if chicken is not completely covered.

Cook chicken on both sides in batches, it should only take 2-3 minutes if chicken has been sliced thin enough, drain on paper towel and keep warm in a oven set on a low temperature, while cooking the remainder of the chicken

Lemon sauce
In a small saucepan mix together 1 cup water, 2 teaspoons (2 stock cubes) chicken stock powder, 2 heaped teaspoons honey, 1/4 cup lemon juice, 2 teaspoons sugar, 2 cm cube fresh ginger grated or 1/2 teaspoon ground ginger. 1 dessertspoon cornflour for thickening mixed with 1 tbsp water

Mix everything, except cornflour together bring to boil, simmer 2-3 minutes check for taste. It should be equally sweet and sour, adjust with juice, sugar and/or honey as needed. Add enough cornflour to thicken sauce to your liking.

Stirfry vegetables
A selection thinly sliced vegetables
I used 2 carrots halved lengthwise and cut thinly on the angle, 1 stick of celery sliced thinly on the angle, 1/2 a red capsicum sliced on the angle, 1 small piece of broccoli cut into small florets and some of the stalk sliced thinly, 1/4 red onion sliced into triangles and a handful of snow peas with stalk removed
Sauce - 2 tablespoons oyster sauce, 1 tablespoon light soy, 2 tablespoons shaoxing wine, 1 tsp chinese black vinegar (you can replace it with malt vinegar)
1 dessertspoon cornflour for thickening of the sauce mixed with 1 tbsp water

Heat 2 tbsps vegie/peanut oil in base of wok add onion stirfry 30 seconds add all other vegetables except snowpeas. Stirfry 2 mins add 1/2 cup water and oyster sauce stir, this will steam the vegetables leave 2-3 minutes and remaining sauce ingredients and snowpeas, Stirfry 1 minute. Add cornflour stir, sauce should thicken immediately, you don't want a thick gluggy sauce just thick enough to coat the vegetables and not thin and runny.

Serve in a bowl with the rice in another bowl. I serve the chicken and sauce seperately so as not to make the chicken soggy. Enjoy !


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  2. I love lemon chicken. We make it very often in Greece!