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Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Ashling Cottage - Hepburn Springs - Victoria

Well I have just spent a delightful long weekend away, despite the weather,

We went with Miss Le Coiffure and her partner.

This had been planned since Easter.

We wanted a house with 2 bathrooms which makes it a lot easier for getting ready, also it helps with the toilet situation.

I found Ashling Cottage in Hepburn Springs on the hill above the Day Spa.

Is wasn't very expensive and it had everything we wanted, 2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms a large kitchen and a lounge room. It also came with a veranda wrapped 2/3's of the way around the house.

In better weather we could have had a BBQ on the veranda because they also supply a Webber Q electric BBQ.

The back veranda.

Many a slice of bread was put our here during our stay for the very well feed cockatoos.

A view of the lounge room, looking through to the back veranda and the kitchen.

The main bathroom.

Isn't that the biggest spa bath and I did use it and had a lovely time soaking.


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  1. I love this area of Australia and they really do have some of the nicest properties there as you've shown us :D