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Wednesday, November 7, 2012

With a Passion

Well I have as a passion with things this week...

Last Sunday Mr CLI, Miss Fish and myself went to visit an old house that is being restored it dates back to 1873 called Narrapumelap built in the French Gothic style.

It was very interesting too see all the before photos of the rooms but sad also to see the vandalism that had been done to the rooms especially the beautiful marble fireplaces.

There were a couple of stalls we walked away with a beautiful orchid which now resides in our fernery.

The was also a stall with jams, Mr CLI loves a nice jam and bought one with passion fruit in it.

On the way home he was nearly licking his lips talking about his jam, then came up with the thought that wouldn't it be lovely to spread on a homemade sponge with cream and passion fruit icing.


So what does a good wife do but make a sponge and drizzle it with jam then a fluffy layer of softly whipped cream then top it all off with passionfruit icing.

Also I have been hand quilting my licorice all sorts quilt with a passion. It is always nice to get to the final stage of something. I have finished quilting all the stars and am now onto the straight pieces.


Unfortunatly Miss Fish is home with the sniffles so she is dampening my passion as if I go anywhere she wants to know . Tomorrow she is back to work Yippee !

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