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Friday, December 14, 2012

Easy Street Mystery Quilt Steps 2 & 2 + Some Christmas Sewing


Here are after 2 days of serious sewing I have now completed all 3 steps of the Easy Street Mystery Quilt, phew !

Now all I have left to do is iron the squares flat, that is a job I can do when I am less busy.

Also while I was waiting for the cotton to quilt Miss Le Coiffures quilt I got busy making 2 Santa Stockings for my little Sweet Pea.

One for her house and one for Nanas - my - house.

I used a pre printed panel from Spotlight and primped it.

I got our my collection of beautiful ribbons, not only do I collect fabric I have trouble passing by a lovely ribbon.

I made crazy patchwork backs for the stockings. Don't you love this Santa , perfect for Australia.

Then I really pimped them with bells , Santas going to have to be extra quiet when he fills these and pom poms for the hats.

Both of them are now under there respective trees filled with little presents for a very special sweet pea.


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