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Monday, December 10, 2012

The Internet is Back ... Yippee ! And Blocks from My - The Civil War Love Letter Quilt

Well hello again, long time no talk. Our local Telstra telephone exchange burnt down just over 3 weeks ago, so we lost all land lines & mobile service and our Internet was down :-(


Well we finally got it all back they should have everyone back on line over this weekend, it didn't do much for people Christmas shopping. No Atm's no Eftpos no banks computers working = no Xmas shopping.

I was very lucky I had withdrawn money from the bank the day before because we were going to Mt Gambier for the weekend phew !

If you were with the major banks you were unable to get any money or the maximum of $100. Some shops pulled from the back of the cupboards the old slide credit card machines, but very few did. Why ? Because dishonest people were going with maxed out credit cards and using them, one petrol station started out using this method then a couple of days later when the slips were sent to Sydney for processing it was shown quite a few people had done this, so the "Cash Only" sign went up.

Situations like this brings out the worst in people.

Now to my quilt blocks my Mum gave me the book for this quilt as a present this year ? I think . Why the fabric colors, well I was down at my parents house when I got given the book and I wanted to get started, so Mum got some fabrics out and we went from there. I believe there are 111 blocks to make and I have completed 47 , so nearly half way.

All the blocks in the photos have been hand sewn and yesterday I gave them a nice big steam press. Some of the blocks have very tiny pieces or funny angles I am going to foundation piece them on the machine after I have hand sewn all the other blocks.









  1. Wow! I love your blocks! Thanks for the comments about my Farmer's Wife blocks. I agree with you 100%. Thank goodness that I've only done 25 so I have many more to go that I can do in other colors to mellow out the yellow!

    Cheery wave! Bev

  2. Wow, I can't believe that everything went down for so long! :o Lovely quilt!