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Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Craftsy - Chain of Stars - Mystery Quilt by Kimberly Einmo Quilt

Well I am back have I been busy since Christmas & New Year. I have been Grandaughter minding, Daughter minding - Miss Le Coiffure - & also caring for her her partner.


So between Nana, Mum & Mum-in-law duties as well as sewing to finish the quilts for the quilt show, which was on the end of January. I have barely had time to scratch myself.

Here is the latest quilt top I have just finished it is a mystery quilt. What is a mystery quilt ? You ask.

Well you get the fabric cutting instructions first then you sew step by step then in the end you are shown how to put all the blocks together to create a quilt top. This is the mystery part as you don't know what the finished top is going to look like till the end.

I have made it in the bright & fresh colors that are being used now. It is only my second quilt that I have used white for the background.

I am trying this year to create out of my normal quilting box.

Well I had better be going as I want to sew the latest step for another mystery quilt that I have worked hard on the last couple of weeks to catch up.



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