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Thursday, February 10, 2011

Hola, fuimos a una fiesta - hello we went to a party

Well not much cooking happening at the moment, although I did make a yummy chicken casserole last night to which I added a tin of organic butter beans. The were creamy when eaten, though some of the family - namely my husband picked everyone out - he doesn't like beans he has decided. Yet he eats baked beans ! You can't work them out can you.

I went to a friends house for lunch on Saturday, she is from Peru and she cooked peruvian food - YUM !!!

The was arroz con pollo - rice cooked with chicken, papa rellana - mashed potato stuffed with a mixture of meat, hard boiled egg , sultanas, olives and a sauce and - tamale - a mixture using corn kernals and steamed. We left there very full.

If anyone is interested I will post the recipes.

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  1. That sounds really delicious-I wouldn't have picked out the beans though! I think they sound like a very tasty addition! :)