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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

potatoes, pickle and paypal

Well we finally dug up the potatoes we were growing we got several kilos ! They should keep us going for a while, the pink potato called cranberry red - yes pink - makes the best creamy mash and potato salad . I buy them from diggers club -https://secure.diggersgardenclub.com.au/c-35-potatoes.aspx

My youngest daughter came home last week with a bunch of beetroot that they grew at her work - what to do ahh ! More pickles this time I made beetroot and apple pickle, I used the apples from our tree, surprisingly the weren't ripe. Our friend got a very large jar, which put a smile on his face and the remaining jar went into the pantry for my husband, he is getting quite a collection of homemade pickles.

Paypal, well after the mess last year of someone trying to set up a skype account using my paypal account I deactivated my bank account. After so long I thought it would be alright to reactivate it again - wrong - last night I was reading my e-mails and to my amazement what do I see come in 8 e-mails in 10 minutes, 1 of which advising me that someone I didn't know was sending me money. huh !

Well, you can guess my horror at having to deal with this again. So what have I been doing this morning, 3/4 hour on the phone to paypal, 2 hours for a complete scan on my computer and it is fixed, they had blocked the debit but were going to allow me to keep the money that had been paid in ! After telling the second lady 3 - yes 3 times that this was also false she reversed that too and decided to send it to their fraud dept. Goodness I think I will give up on using paypal as it seems to be nothing but a nuisance !

Now my headache and I are going to have a lie down !

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