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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

A weekend away in the heat and yummy food eaten

Well my husband and I got away for the weekend, the humidity on Friday was unbearable, thank goodness for a air-conditioned car.

We won't mention lunch on Friday, but tea we went to the Imperial Palace at 2 High St Bendigo. My husband suggested I get the Singapore Rockling Fish, he had eaten it in Singapore. I ordered it the fish came with vegies in slightly sweet chilli sauce. It was absolutely beautiful, I am so glad he suggested it.

On Saturday on the way to Ballarat we stopped on Daylesford and had brunch where we shared a turkish roll filled with scrambled eggs onto of which was 2 rashers of yummy bacon, then 2 small italian sausages. A very filling meal, we didn't need to 2 slices of fruit toast that my husband had also ordered but we managed to fit them in ! I had spiced cha tea to drink something I had never had before but will be getting again, Yum !

The for tea we went to our usual chinese restaurant - The Golden Mountain - that we have been going to for 20 years whenever we are in Ballarat. My husband had chicken with vegies, a mountian of vegies, I had chicken and cashews we shared fried rice. Is was lovely as usual.

Back to the usual grind this week. Oh hum !

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  1. Ahh isn't Daylesford gorgeous! And it's cooler in temperature so a good idea to visit there in the heat :)