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Friday, June 24, 2011

Knitting Madness

As Miss Le Coiffure isn't working at the moment,we are spending considerable time together. Which means many trips to the shops, one of which was Lincraft.

Now they were having a big sale on wool, so an hour later we walked out with 2 large bags of wool and many free patterns. Also some how I had volunteered to knit 2 shawls, one in a very soft wool, which I have half knitted.

The other one is done in a yarn called Mega, which is like a ribbon cross woven yarn, which is very slippy.

Now after 3 attempts to knit this shawl on very large needles, think fatter than your finger, I settled down to get the blessed thing knitted the other night. Two and half hours later, with my shoulder throbbing and my eyes stinging, I knitted the last row. Now all I had to do was cast off, then put on the fringe.

So I merrily casted off the stitches, when I only had about 20 to go I looked at the shawl and to my horror the centre of the shawl had unravelled ! How I will probably never know, in all the years of knitting I have never had that happen. I looked at in horror and disgust, then threw it to the ground :(

I was going to call Miss Le Coiffure, but a look at the clock told me at 11.05 pm it was a bit late to be ringing her.

So what have I done with the mess, I have tried to untangle it and roll it into a ball, but this hasn't turned it to a success either !

A search on the internet has provided me with a pattern that I can use this yarn with, and also another less slippy yarn to knit a shawl. This is what I am going to do. As for the tangled ball I will use it for the fringe.

Have you had any knitting disasters, that might be lurking in the back of your cupboard, or do they get binned straight away in disgust.

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