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Thursday, June 30, 2011

Wading into Water Aerobics

Well I am off today to take my tired body to water aerobics. Miss Le Coiffure and I are going to Logans Beach Day Spa to try water aerobics in the salt water pool.

Now I must admit I am have never been a big fan of strenuous exercise, but anything done in water I will try. Especially in a salt water pool, and afterwards as a reward we might have a dip in the spa, or try the infra red sauna that is meant to be good for your skin and the help with weight loss.

Logans Beach Day Spa also does facials, massage, pedicures and manicures. Miss Le Coiffure and I think we should save up and take ourselves for a Mother & Daughter spa treatment day.

Which sounds very good the thought of lying back and being pampered just sounds delicious.

Well I better be off to slip into my bathers LOL, and join the rest of the get fit group for my floating exercise session.

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