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Monday, August 22, 2011

Not much cooking going on

Good Morning on this sunny Monday. What a beautiful weekend we had here. It was that nice on Saturday I managed to get 3 loads of washing, washed and dried. Wouldn't life be more enjoyable if we didn't have to worry about the mundane things like washing.

As Mr CLI spent most of the weekend at work sorting out one problem after another our meals were a bit disjointed, but Miss Fish and I were lucky as Mr CLI took us out to tea on Saturday night.

What I did spend most of the weekend doing was sewing a quilt, when it is finished I will post a photo.

I am making it to sell, I have come to the conclusion unless I really need a quilt or I have made it for a specific purpose it would be better if I get the enjoyment out of making them, then sell them to finance the next ones.

This quilt is pushing boundaries of my normal, quilt making . I have free motion appliqued areas and I will be free motion quilting the quilt. Also I have never ironed a quilt so much as this one, I am a true believer that the iron should only come out to iron quilts and cushion covers, not clothes. Luckily Mr CLI's work clothes are wash and wear !

Anyway I had better get back to it or I will lose my enthusiasm.

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