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Thursday, August 18, 2011

Thai Jelly Desserts & Pandan Custard

Now on one of our trips to Adelaide I bought up on packets of Thai jelly's and custards. Into the back of the cupboard they went to be used for a special occasion.

When I had my Chinese banquet the other week I thought why not try to make some of the layered desserts you can get in restaurants.

So Miss Fish and set about making layered jelly and pandan custard.

Pandan custard packet

Now for those of you that have never heard of or tasted pandan it has the most divine flavour, a flavour that isn't strong it is very hard to describe. It is refreshing without being overpowering.

Now these are very easy to make all the jellies it is just a matter of bring the jelly powder and water to the boil, whisking to make sure that the powdered has dissolved. As they have agar agar in them by the time I had poured the first jelly into the bottom of my different moulds the first mould had set.

Thai fruit flavoured jelly

It was just a matter of making the jellies one at a time then layering them. I made coconut, fruit and almond. They unmoulded quite easyily, but for some reason some of them the layers separated, but I just slid them back together.

For the pandan custard it was just a matter of mixing the powder from the packet with water and stirring for 30 seconds and I had custard.

Almond flavoured jelly

Now would I bothered with little moulds next time probably not, I would do as you see in the restaurants pour them into a large baking tray and make several thin layers then cut into shapes.

So next time you are in an Asian grocers look for the different jellies and custards they are not very expensive and are quite easy to make, especially look out for the pandan custard it is divine. I have actually got some pandan essence that I have never used I now have to think of ways of using this flavour in other desserts Yum !!

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  1. Yum! Pandan is one of my favourite flavours ever! You've reminded me to use my little pandan essence bottle now! :D