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Monday, August 1, 2011

Room Six - Port Campbell VIC

Now as it was such a beautiful day yesterday, blue skies and sunshine. Mr CLI thought it would be a good time for some extra riding experience and we would come home via Port Campbell.

Now as I was enjoying being on my motorbike, I said why not. So after many kilometres of windy roads, that aren't very good we arrived. After parking the bikes we looked for somewhere to eat.

After discounting some of the places we had eaten at previously, we spotted across the road Room Six, so off we wandered to have a look at the menu. Now when on the motorbike I never eat very large meals because you become to lethargic and you must have your wits about you to ride a bike safely.

The had 3 $10 lunch specials - beer battered fish with chips and brandy seafood sauce, steak sandwich or a veggie burger. Mr CLI & I decided on the fish, Mr CLI didn't fancy the seafood sauce so he got tartare, which came in those squeezy packets.

Now the fish was a large piece of Whiting, my all time favourite fish, served with a mountain of crinkle cut chips. Now the seafood sauce had a very strange flavour so after dipping one chip in I decided I didn't like it and left it. Mr CLI enjoyed his fish immensely with his tartare sauce.

On the neighbouring table they got the steak sandwich, which looked a brute of a thing served in Turkish bread standing about 15 cms high.

So after a lovely lunch we were well rested to take the road along the coast towards home.

If you are ever in the area try Room Six for a filling and cheap lunch time meal.

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  1. I love getting out and about when it's nice and sunny too! :D Sounds like a good find :)