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Thursday, October 25, 2012

Craftsy - BOM with Amy Gibson

Craftsy is an online crafting lessons website. I fell upon it a year or 2 ago and have bought a few courses, sometimes they even have free ones !

One of the ones I got last year was a BOM - Block of the Month - with Amy Gibson from www.stitcherydickorydock.com

Now last week I decided to print all the info and patterns then my thoughts went to creating these blocks. I had this red, hot pink and grey fabrics - Sugar Flower by Lecien - just sitting there waiting for inspiration to come also a large leftover piece of moda cream fabric.

Then the light bulb went off why don't I use them for this quilt.


It was something quick I could create on the sewing machine and as I need to have several breaks - still in pain from the car accident - at least I would feel like I was achieving something. Which I call a " win win" situation.

There are 2 blocks each month for 10 months a total of 20 blocks.

I have finished both blocks for the first 5 months then one for the sixth, I thought I had finished the second block, but due to technical difficulties - me not ready the instructions a making the hexagons to big - I will have to redo them :-(


Then I jumped a couple of months and hand sewed the curved little blocks, then machine sewed them together.

So I am very happy with my progress.

Now l must stop procrastinating and finish piecing the backing for the licorice all sorts quilt and pin it together so I can quilt it.

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