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Thursday, October 18, 2012

What Have I Been Up To ...

Well as I sit here in darkness, well not really but we have no power so there are dark places. I thought I would catch up with what I have been up to.


Yesterday the day started of with cooking. Mr CLI needed a jam slice for a meeting ! I never realised that meetings need jam slices lol

Then I moved onto a pile of fabric I had been hoarding and started to cut it into all different shapes and sizes for a BOM quilt that I have been following/watching since last November.


I had run out the backing fabric, so I thought I would go into town and get some more and while I was in there get a script filled and check my Tattslotto, just in case I was a big winner. Hah hah

Just as I was about to go to the patchwork shop then go home. I got an SOS phone call from Miss Le Coiffure, could I get the ingredients and come to her house to show her how to make minestrone soup.

Now the problem that arises with that it was midday and she lives 30 minutes from the town I was in and I live 10 minutes from there. So. Had to get ingredients, get my fabric - without any looking get to her house , show her how to make the soup the travel the 45 - 1 hour, depending on traffic and be home by 3 pm.

As Miss Fish gets dropped off after work sometime after 3 pm I am always home by 3.

Well did I make it , yes I did I was home at 2.59 pm, having done the shopping , organised soup and managed to eat some lunch.

Well out power is back on so I can on with the day, till tomorrow Hasta La Vista Baby ...


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  1. It is so nice to meet you Jenny. Thank you so much for the sweet comment and following my blog. I am so happy to enter you in my give away. Good luck my dear.