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Tuesday, October 2, 2012

She's Here ....

Well we're have I been for the last few days, googling over this precious little cherub.


She decided to come into the world early Friday morning, 28th September, after the nurses said " she won't be here till perhaps lunchtime". So the gauntlet was thrown down and just like her Mummy Miss Le Coffuire within an hour she decided to make a hasty appearance. Lol

She did catch the midwives out !

So I have been on hospital visiting, washing clothes and buying very very little baby clothes as she is only 5 Ib 14 Ozs about 1.3 kgs which is the size Miss Fish was at birth and as you can see by the photo she isn't little any more.

Is Layla precious = yes

Is Layla gorgeous = yes

Is Layla just kissable = yes

Now I might be a biased lol.

Well I am off to do more googling, sadly Pa Mr CLI has had only one cuddle on Friday morning because he had a meeting during Friday with people coughing and sneezing their germs - wouldnt you think with the whooping cough epidemic + other dangerous germs people would stay home with their germs. So he came down sick Friday night, so he is a really sad Pa :-(

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