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Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Up With the Rooster

Yes I did get up early and there is a rooster nearby, when you go to our bathroom which is in the back of the house you can hear him of a morning. Sometimes you hear him in the middle of the night, I don't know what he is crowing about unless he is pleased with himself ;-)

Well I finished the stroller bag yesterday and dropped it off to Miss Le Coiffures house, so when her friend visits she can give it to her.

I have also started a nappy bag for Miss Le Coiffures friend, that is today's project, as well as the load of washing to be hung out.

As Miss Fish is in respite, booked in months ago because there would be a little baby this week and it would be easy for me if i didn't need to run around after Miss Fish.

But sadly still no baby and to rub salt into her wounds Miss Le Coiffure found out yesterday that a friend of hers gave birth to her baby yesterday 2 weeks early ! Mind you the baby was 8 lb 12 ozs = just over 4 kgs, so that baby didn't need to cook any longer.

She gave her large bump a serious talking to about showing herself, and what was the cheeky monkeys reply - a bad case of the hiccups lol


So our little cheeky monkey is due tomorrow and if she hasn't shown herself I will got to Miss Le Coiffure's house to spend the day, as she doesn't want to travel far.

So I must be off to finish the nappy bag so I can take it with me tomorrow.


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