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Thursday, September 6, 2012

Fun Mail ...

I must admit that I grimace when I see Miss Fish coming up the driveway with a handfull of mail because I know that most are going to be bills :-( she of course loves it because it is more mail for her to open .


But when the postie delivers parcels that is something to smile about :-)

Now of late most the parcels have contained very little clothes or items for the very little person soon to be here, so soon that I had a phone call at midnight last night from Miss Le Coiffure letting me know that she had just got back from hospital because she thought her waters had broke !

Now this wouldn't be a problem except she is 3 hours away from the hospital that she is meant to be having her baby at !

So as a consequence I am very tired because I couldn't go back to sleep as I was waiting for another phone call, then I was awake very early this morning worrying about it. I think a nap this afternoon maybe needed lol.

Now below is the contents of one of the exciting parcels I received and there still one on its way !

These fabrics are from Pink Door Fabrics.



There is a jelly roll called Dainty Blossoms by Carina Gardner of Riley Blake Designs. Also a 1/2 yard bundle Tea Garden by Dena Designs, I am being very daring buying such large pieces I only buy fat quarters or 30 cm strips normally.

I also bought a fat quarter bundle of 6 prints of Trade Winds by Lily Ashbury from Moda in Malabar green, isn't that an exotic sounding color !

Just to fill the envelope lol I got 1 yard the main pattern from the Trade Winds collection so I have enough when I make a quilt.

What quit you are asking yourself , I really don't know, but when I finish my current quilt I will sit down with the fabrics to see what they " tell me " .

Now it is nearly time to fit the osteo for another fun filled session of trying to relieve my pain. Definatly a nap will be needed this afternoon.

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  1. hehe I definitely look forward to parcels but not regular mail! :D