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Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Not A Lot Going On ....

Not a lot happening, just some final baby sewing. This is the nappy holder I made for the cloth nappies I bought for the soon to be here Grandaughter .

Can you tell I am anxious and very excited for the little one to be born. I hope she isn't like her Mummy and decides to some late.

I also finished on the weekend a bag that hangs off the pusher. I haven't taken a photo but here is the link to the pattern. It was another Moda Bake Shop pattern.



Here is a sneak preview of the portable change mat that I made. I am keeping it to give to Miss Le Coiffure when she has the baby.

Well back to the sewing room to continue with te sat cot quilt, this one is special because it will have all of us on their.


  1. Btw! Ms. Jenny! We can't find your whole address to send you your hearts. Would you mind emailing me that? There's a link on my blog. :)