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Tuesday, September 25, 2012

I'm Back, More Interesting Mail & Sewing

Well I am back after last weeks impromptu trip to Sydney. More on that another day.

Miss Le Coiffures friend who has an 11 week old baby boy ! Who is the most gorgeous thing, was commenting on the chic baby stroller that I made for Miss Le Coiffures pusher, so I offered , as I has plenty of " boy" fabric leftover that I would make her one also for her pusher.

She accepted so that was what I was busy doing yesterday. I would be finished but I hadn't realized that I needed more Velcro . So back to the shops this morning to get more so I can finish it.


A we are still waiting for our Grandaughter to appear, she is due til Thursday but Miss Le Coiffure has been having labour pains but they haven't eventuated into anything yet. This little one seems to be like her Mummy and causes pain but doesn't appears for days.

The Daddy to be - The Fisherman - is very concerned that she will decide to come on Grand Final day ! Lol

Now exciting mail. I received a little package while I was away and this is what was in it, 2 charm packs , these are bundles of 5" squares, of Coquette by Chez Moi for Moda.


I have picked out a pattern, but need some larger pieces of matching fabric for borders ! So darn it I will have to get some more fabric, what a shame lol

Well I better keep moving just in case there is a call for transporting Mummy & Daddy to be to the hospital, because surely this baby will come soon. Heres hoping.


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  1. You're going to have lots of fun with all of those lovely fabrics! :)