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Wednesday, October 31, 2012

What I have Been Up To ...

Well it has been seriously busy in the CLI household for the last few days.

I have made vinyl backed baby change mats number 3 & 4. That's the end of that job.

Mr CLI , Miss Fish & I did some serious gardening, well i sometimes did a bit of pruning the watching because this blipping shoulder restricts what I can do, the back garden bed is now weed free and heavily mulched with geraniums that I grew from cuttings, planted.

The front garden bed around our bedroom window and across part of the front verandah where I have my standard roses and lavender , is all now weeded and mulched.

On Saturday afternoon I did some serious cooking I made sausage rolls, pasties and with the 1 sheet of pastry left over I made 6 little apple turnovers which I served hot with ice cream and the leftover sauce from cooking the apples drizzled over it. Yum !

Yesterday I got to do my first ever Layla minding for the afternoon. Yippee

What better way to spend an afternoon that to cuddle your Grandaughter for the afternoon. As our house has very high ceiling 3 1/2 meters it was lovely and cool and she slept well. Oh joy :-)

So till next enjoy your day with whatever your doing.

Oh and yesterday this came in the post, my ISpy fabric swap parcel. Nothing makes a fabricholics heart beat faster than more fabric.


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