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Wednesday, January 4, 2012

At last a technical break through

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Hello all why the monkey photo, well he has the same facial expression as me, why , because I have been struggling to work out how to paste pictures into my blog from my iPad.

My present for Christmas from Mr CLI. Well apparently it is for me but it is quite often in Mr CLI's hands. It originally had a pink cover, but during the Optus saga the man at the shop removed the back cover and cracked and as I had bought the very last pink back cover, I had to settle for a blue one, which put a smile on Mr CLI's face.

Have I been cooking since Christmas, the short answer is no. When your face is sore and swollen it is hard to think about cooking.

During the last few days of heat and while Mr CLI has been home from work he has been cooking chicken marinated in a variety of things for him and Miss Fish. Slowly my mouth is starting to feel better then I can get cooking together.

I am anxiously waiting to try a recipe from the cookbook Miss Fish gave me for Christmas( she did have little help in picking it out ) . It is Zumbo by Adriano Zumbo.

Well enough for today talk to you tomorrow.

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