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Friday, January 20, 2012

Oh no I am stuck ....

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You may well ask where I got stuck and how. Weeeeelll I had to go and have an MRI on my shoulder yesterday. Now I have had MRI's before so I wasn't worried, but little did I know that the new MRI at my local hospital is smaller than the ones I have been in years ago.

So I literally got my shoulder jammed, now I am not a very large person but I do have wide shoulders. The first attempt for me to be slide in jammed my shoulder, so back out again I came. Then the girl put my arm over my chest, back in again she sent me only for my arm to be compressed onto my rib cage so hard that I couldn't breath.

So back out again I came, not only was I panicking because I get claustrophobia, but I was literally getting squashed. In the end I had to put my arm up above my head in a straight line. So back I slide and luckily I fitted, even so my arm that was above my head was jammed up against the side of the MRI.

So the question I ask is why oh why in this day and age when people are getting larger would you create a machine that is smaller, and if any of you know how big an MRI is an extra 10 cm of width is not going to make much difference.

Now onto a different note I have decided to set myself a quilting challenge this year I am going to attempt to make a Dear Jane quilt, now ths quilt has over 200 blocks in it but I believe if I work on some blocks every week I will get it finished.

From what I have seen on the various websites dedicated to this quilt the blocks are small so it should be easy. Famous last words.

I am thinking of doing it in bright Kaffe Fassett fabrics, of which I have plenty.

So every now and then I will post the blocks as I make them.

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