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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Duchess Potatoes

Now after my blog the other day about not cooking mash potato very often, it got me to thinking about ways to use mash potato.

Now I must admit these really are only mash potato piped into rosettes, but for some reason when you bite into them they are crunchy on the outside and very soft and creamy on the inside.

This is a dish you can get ready earlier in the day then pop into the oven closer to your meal time.

Also you can make a smaller amount of mash potato go a long way.

I do try to pipe these while the potato is hot as it will pipe much easier, if your piping bag is too hot for you to handle wrap a tea towel around it.

The only real trick in making these is when you mash your potato make it stiffer than you normally would so that it can be piped, to do this you will need to add less milk.

Now there is now real recipe quantities you boil your potatoes drain them add butter, season with salt and pepper, then mash. Once you have mashed in you butter check if it has formed a cohesive mash, by that I mean all the potato has come together and there isn't any lumps it needs to be smooth but firm enough to pipe, if not add about 1- 2 tbsps of milk then mash again.

You pipe using a 1cm wide star nozzle, and make your rosettes about 3 cm high.

Pipe them onto a baking paper lined tray.

Now to get the crispy outer coating you will need to spray them with a little oil or melt some butter and drizzle it onto them.

Bake at 180.c for about 15 - 20 minutes , or until they are crispy and browned.

Guide to quantities
2 large potatoes, salt and pepper, 2 tbsps butter, if needed 1 - 2 tbsps milk

oil or butter for topping

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