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Monday, January 9, 2012

Tran Tran Restaurant - Richmond - Victoria

Well on Boxing Day my parents and I took Miss Fish shopping as she loves to get vouchers for presents and then going to spend them, so off to Millers and Target we went.

She had a lovely time trying on skirts and tops and walked with a very full bag of clothing. The following day Mr CLI took her to visit his parents as she wanted to show them what she got from Millers as they gave her the voucher.

When it came to lunch my parents and I decided that we couldn't face anymore leftovers, don't you find that they can loose there appeal after several meals.

So my Mum suggested we go to Tran Tran restaurant, now this is a restaurant that my parents have been going to for many years, so long that the owners know them by name. I unfortunately have only been twice before, many years ago. This is one of the disadvantages when you live 3 1/2 hours away.

So off we went and the food didn't disappoint we started with a combination of their spring rolls chicken, meat, vegetable and prawn, served with Vietnamese mint leaves, cold and crunchy iceburg lettuce and a milder dipping sauce. I just love the combination of hot spring rolls and cold and crunchy lettuce.

I unfortunately missunderstood and thought that the combination meant the filling so didn't select from different parts of the plate so only got the vegetable ones, never mind.

They have a lunchtime specials you can select from a certain number of dishes and you get a portion with fried rice, this it what we did. Which wasn't actually running , but my Mum asked and the owner said she would do it for us. My Mum had her usual which is lemon chicken and my Dad and I decided to share we got beef with cashews and satay chicken.

The beef was meltingly tender and the vegetables were cooked but still crunchy. The satay had a little warmth but was very yummy. The lemon chicken was a whole chicken breast cut in half lengthwise then cooked in a light batter, sliced then topped with the lemon sauce.

As this restaurant has been open for 19 years, I don't believe you would be disappointed if you went there for a meal.

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