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Monday, May 2, 2011

Mothers Day

Sorry there was no blog yesterday but we are having problems with our electrics, one of the problems from owning a house that was built in 1892.

Miss Fish arrived home from work today, and announced that it was Mother's Day on Sunday, and what present did I want. Now Miss Fish is very good at buying presents for other people, she even bought herself an easter egg for easter !

So I pondered her question for a moment and replied that I wanted a day that I didn't have to do anything. She looked at me and smiled and replied "I will get you a cookbook", how well she knows me. I love cookbooks at last count I have "cough" 150 "cough". This includes my hardback Womens Weekly cookbook from high school, from back in the umm... 1970's. This also doesn't include the 10 or so folders full of recipes I have cut out over the years. I didn't realised that I had that many cookbooks until I counted them. Also I don't know how everybody has theirs sorted but I have mine sorted by cuisine and author, if the don't cook in a particular cuisine. I also have a folder with photocopies of often used recipes, so that if they are slopped on while I am cooking, they can be thrown away and new copies made.

So what will I be cooking for myself for Mother's Day, I am not too sure, I will go consult my cookbooks and perhaps cook something that we haven't had before exactly cooked exactly the way I like it.

Perhaps from my new yet unused Thai cookbook, or from my little used French cookbook that I bought a decade or 2 ago, or even from my favourite Chinese or Italian cookbooks.

I will let you know when I have thought about it.

So are you cooking a favourite meal for you Mum, or is she cooking so that she gets what she wants ?

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