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Friday, July 22, 2011

Adelaide Terraced Apartments - SA

Now we have had many trips to Adelaide over the years and stayed in both Glenelg and Adelaide CBD.

Now Adelaide is a City that I do stay in the CBD for a holiday, forget it if it is more than 1 night in Melbourne or Sydney for that matter.

Some people might say that Adelaide is a bit slow or backward, not I. I love the vibe from the different restaurants, is has true multi cultural vibe when you are looking for a restaurant to eat in.

If we could we would probably shift to Adelaide, but at the moment we are tied to Victoria.

Now on one of our trips to Adelaide Mr CLI, Miss Fish & I stayed at the Adelaide Terraced Apartments in Sturt St Adelaide.

Now for those of you that love nothing better than taking yourself to a food market and wandering this is a terrific place to stay, because you only have a leisurely 10 minute walk and you are at the Adelaide Central Market.

The Adelaide Central Market backs onto Gouger Street, which is one of the main streets for restaurants. so you can even walk to have a meal imbibe in a vino or 2 then walk back to your accommodation.

The accommodation we had was on the second floor and was 2 story, with the kitchen dining area in the front, which led onto a large terraced area that has PVC blinds to protect you from the sun, rain and wind. You washing line is also out here.

In the other half of the ground floor was the lounge room
Up the stairs was the 2 bedrooms and the main bathroom, both bedrooms were roomy. One had a queen sized bed, while the other had 2 single beds.

Now if you are interested in being able to walk to a terrific food market, wander as leisure to a wonderful restaurant and room to move in your accommodation, I would suggest you give the Adelaide Terraced Apartments a go.

One of the websites it is featured on.

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  1. The Central markets are great! They've got a fun tour of them too that gives you some background and some tastings there too :)