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Sunday, July 17, 2011

Mashed Potato made using a Potato Ricer

Now I must admit that I have very few if any pieces of kitchen equipment that I don't use, but the potato ricer I bought 3 years was one.

I had bought it to make gnocchi, but buying the right potatoes turned out to be a nightmare, by the time I had consulted all the gnocchi recipes and worked out what were the right potatoes. Then visited the local supermarkets, only to find that the bags were labelled good for mashing. roasting. chips etc, but not by their type so I gave up on that endeavour.

Now they are mostly labelled by type, so I might try again.

Anyway back to the mashed potato, I pulled out my bag of potatoes only to find that they were quite small, too small to peel. so what was I going to do, ahh the light bulb went on why don't I user the potato ricer.

So I cut them small and boiled the pieces until soft, I then drained them and pressed them through the ricer. One thing to be aware when using a ricer hold it down and facing the bottom of the saucepan/bowl that you are using otherwise you will end up like I did with worms of potato all over the workbench and kitchen floor.

After all the potato had been pressed I put the saucepan back on the cooktop on low added a big lump of butter, which I slowly stirred into the potato as it melted.

I then added some milk, as it warmed I stirred it into the potato, I then added salt and pepper.

What was the result like, it was much more glutinous than normal mashed potato also very dense, but incredibly creamy and would make a lovely bed for a rich beef casserole or the moroccan meatballs that I make.

So if you have a piece of kitchen equipment that you haven't used perhaps think of another use for it and try to use it, so that you can then buy another piece of equipment with a clear conscience.

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