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Thursday, July 7, 2011

How to jazz up packet mixes

I must admit that until recent times I would never use a cake mix, but times have changed and the quality of packet cake mixes has improved.

Yet they still can have a bit of jazzing up to make them even more special.

Plain muffins can be topped with a mixture of oats, peppitas, brown sugar, shredded coconut and about 2 tsps of soft butter mixed together and a generous portion put onto of the raw muffin mix.

Chocolate chip muffins can never have enough chocolate chips, try adding some white chocolate chips and/or dried cranberries.

Carrot cake make your own cream cheese frosting.

Cupcakes some of the extras you can add are chocolate chips, dried fruit, shredded coconut, grated carrot .

For the icing add cocoa or peppermint essence on top of the chocolate cupcake to make a choc peppermint one or coconut essence to the coconut cupcakes. The list is endless coffee essence, almond essence, rose or orange flower water.

So next time you look down upon a packet mix stop for a moment and think what you can add to make them even more special.

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