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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Mouth Watering Pizzas at the Gisborne Winery Macedon Ranges VIC

Well I am back from visiting my Sister. On Sunday she suggested to go to the Gisborne Winery for lunch. As I have never been before it was a new place to visit and eat at.

What is my recommendation, if you are in the area, and love good food, go and enjoy yourself.

There isn't a lot on the menu a starter platter, 3 starters, pizzas, soup and desserts, but what they do produce is yummmmmy !

The photo above is from that actual wood fired pizza oven and the pizzas look just like that.

We started with the tasting platter which came with ciabatta bread hot straight from the oven, if you were only have this I would ask for more bread as there wasn't enough for the dips, we managed by resorting to using the carrot and celery sticks to eat the dips.

There were 3 dips a beetroot sweet but tasty, a spicy red capsicum, and another that tasted like cashews and dukkha, very mild but quite tasty. We also got a handful of mixed lettuce leaves, 4 slices of ham, about 10 slices of warm chorizo sausage, 8 - 10 small slices of smoked chicken, by the way it evaporated of the platter before I could taste it, it must have been very good to eat. A thick slice of cheese that was quite mild in flavour, another thick slice of cheese that was studded with chilli and a wedge of Camembert. A small bunch of grapes finished off the platter.

Within no time the platter was empty, whether it was the cold weather or we were very hungry, we didn't hang about we just ate.

We ordered 3 pizzas to share, a pineapple pizza, which they used sliced ham not the shredded stuff that you normally get. A BBQ chicken one, now I must admit I am not a fan of BBQ sauce on pizzas because they are normally swimming in it, but my sister persuaded me to try it and to my surprise it was very tasty. There was only a slight smear of the sauce so you get the flavour but not all the liquid that usually makes the pizza soggy. The third pizza was my favourite it was a basil pesto and prawn pizza. Instead of the usual tomato sauce they had used pesto on top of which they had placed several large prawns. then cheese. Once it was cooked they put a small mound of rocket on top. Now you may not like the thought of the rocket on the pizza, but try it because the peppery crunch of the rocket goes well with the warm and earthy flavours of the pizza.

Now you wouldn't think after that anyone would have room, but no it isn't a meal out with my family if dessert isn't consumed. Miss Fish choose a lemon meringue pie, which must have been delicious because she just sat and ate it, while the other 3 desserts rotated between my sister, my Mum and my niece. The had chosen a lemon meringue, a cookies and cream and a Mars bar slice.

We did share a bottle of wine between myself, my sister and my Dad, I didn't choose it but my Sister picked the unwooded chardonnay, it was very mellow and went well with the pizzas.

So if you are every in the Macedon Ranges, especially on a cold Winters day stop in a have something to eat and maybe even try a wine or two.

I would suggest to book for a meal as it filled up quite quickly, after we got there.

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