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Thursday, July 28, 2011

On the road again ...

We are of on a little getaway overnight this weekend, on our motorbikes.

Now you may or may not know but I have a motorbike, not a very fast one being only 900cc, compared to Mr CLI's 1200cc motorbike. But it can go fast enough to scare the pants of me at times.

Now you may ask why would a sane person not only get their bike license but buy a motorbike and ride it.

Well if only you could feel what it is like to be on a bike on a warm evening and ride with your visor up and smell the smells that you miss in the car, mind you going past a farm is a smell that I wish I could miss. You would understand.

Now I must say riding a motorbike is far more tiring than driving a car, because you have to be so aware and alert to your surroundings. A little lump of dirt on the road that you would think nothing of driving over it with your car, could potentially send the bikes wheels out of control. The same thing could happen with potholes and bumps in the road.

So why did I get my bike, well I hadn't ridden a motorbike for 6 years due to a permanent back injury and Mr CLI had decided that he wanted me off the back of his bike, because when I get tired I was dragging my leg over his bike !

Now to some husbands this wouldn't be a problem, but think of a car nut who has his treasured car in the garage on carpet and only brings it out on fine days and dusts it. Then you will understand my husbands passion with his bike.

So on one of our trips to Adelaide we went to his favourite motorcycle shop Boltons Kawasaki. While there he showed me a cruiser, now I must admit that I am a cruiser gal, as I am not terribly tall so like to be able to get my feet to the ground rather quickly and easily.

Now picture this I am in long pants, luckily - when we test drove my first bike I was in a very fitted dress with saddles, try riding a bike in that outfit. I haven't ridden in 6 years we are in city traffic and Mr CLI says give this bike a try it is easy to ride, needless to say by the time I had ridden it in traffic stopping at lights before finally stopping my heart was pounding my legs were shaking and clothes were damp with perspiration.

BUT I had actual ridden it with any problems and not only that I had enjoyed it.

So back to the shop to work out the purchase of it.

Now what ensued on the day of picking it up could have come the movie planes,trains and automobiles. I left on the train with my cumbersome bike jacket, then took a bus to Tullamarine Airport. Now I went by Virgin and had purchased a ticket to the lounge, so I could sit in comfort prior to the plane departure, they do a nice selection of food.

Then a plane to Adelaide - which we didn't know at the time of boarding was also taking Princess Mary to Adelaide, but that story is for another day - then on landing a taxi to the bike shop. While I was doing all this, Mr CLI had headed of on his bike after taking me to the train station and ridden over to Adelaide.

I had time on arrival of the shop to sit for a minute before helmet on, leg over the seat and off I went into the city traffic on our way to Glenelg were we stayed overnight.

So in the morning off we went while everyone slept, on my first long ride since 2005. While starting to climb the hill out of Adelaide the rain come, in biblical proportions for the next 4 hours. So I didn't get a baptism of fire, but one of water.

So the moral of this story is even if you think you can't do something try, because you will probably surprise yourself and be able to do it.

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