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Friday, September 2, 2011

Fathers Day

What are you doing this year for your Father. As mine lives 4 hours away I won't be seeing him on the day, but I did make a card and send it to him.

This is the design that I got of Martha Stewart's web site.

Instead of a hanky I folded money a put it in the jacket pocket. My Dad likes getting money because he is always saving for something for his computer.

This is the design from last year.

Mr CLI isn't having a big Fathers Day as Miss Fish is going horse riding again on Sunday, also MR CLI and I are going away later in the week for a 5 day motor bike trip. So that will be his Fathers Day celebrations.

Maybe those that love cooking can make your Dad some home made goodies, like pickles or chutneys. Chocolate is always good, or even cook him his favourite cake.

I am sure what ever you do your Dad will love it.

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  1. What cute designs! This year I bought him something and made him something that I thought that he'd like :)