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Friday, September 30, 2011

Oh Christmas Tree, Oh Christmas Tree . . .

I did start this blog yesterday, but Miss Le Coiffure needed my help so the day slipped away without me getting back to finishing it.

Now you must be thinking I am mad talking about Christmas, but when we turn the calender over on Saturday we are into the month of October. Which means we are on the slippy slope towards Christmas.

Now I love all things Christmassy but I don't love that madness that surrounds it. In a shop recently I was buying a couple of things for my girls as stocking fillers - yes they still have their Santa sacks - I tried and failed last year to convince Miss Fish that we don't need to put out Santa sacks - because of her disability she still believes in Santa. I had her nearly convinced when Miss Le Coiffure told her that they can still put their sacks out !- anyway I mentioned to the the lady serving me that they were presents for Christmas, she commented that she wasn't that organised but she had a lady in the day before who had not bought all her Christmas presents but had wrapped them as well !!!

I ask you doesn't that take the fun out of wrapping presents after you put the Christmas tree up and putting them under the tree. I have a bit of a game with Miss Fish as to whose presents are under the tree, everyday after she gets home from work her bottom can be seen sticking out from under our tree while she reads the cards to see if any presents are for her !

So I put the presents out under the tree over the month of December to keep the surprise going.

Not only do I buys presents over the year, but I also think of foodie type presents that I can make.

Like the Asian style nuts I make

Or chocolates which can be put into nice boxes or even lovely cellophane bags and tied with Christmas ribbon.

Or even shortbread, which can be made ahead of time and stored in airtight containers till needed.

Also don't forget the container that you give your foodie present in make sure it is useful after it is empty, so you are really giving two gifts.

I hope this gives you some ideas for the upcoming celebrations.

Ho, ho, ho . . .

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