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Thursday, October 27, 2011

Hi Ho on the move I go

Hi, I am not moving , but Miss Le Coiffure is in the process of moving and she has asked if I can help her early this morning to move my 2, 4 legged granddaughters !

So it is an early and short blog today.

The tan doggie in the photo is Lola, she is an American Staffordshire, she is nearly 2.

Now Lola has a lovely nature but would in the human world would be blonde, as these type of dogs don't activate their brains until their about 2, When she was a pup it took bumping her head 5 times under the outside table before she thought to duck ! LOL

Miss Lola as a pup with one of her coats on, waiting for Miss Fish to come home.

Miss Le Coiffure collects waifs and strays the other puppy is Zara she is a Bull Terrier/ Staffie cross. She is just over one. She is the brains of the operation, even though she has little legs she can jump quite high.

Miss Lola has a very large kennel about 1 metre high, one day Miss Le Coiffure heard whimpering outside her bedroom window and couldn't work out what was wrong. When she went outside to check here was Lola on top of her kennel whimpering because she was too scared to jump down ! Yet with her back legs on the ground if she stood up the kennel would only come to her chest. But no the big scardy cat was scared of getting down, so Miss Le Coiffure had to lift the 20 + kgs of scared dog to the ground. lol

The is no such fear in Zara she jumps on top of the kennel in one bounce !

Well I better be off to help move Lola and Zara to their new backyard.

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