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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Last Nights Mexican, Ole !

"Well how did the meal go last night" , you ask, "very well thank you".

The corn chips were very nice, not salty like other corns chips and they didn't get real soggy when I melted the cheese on them.

The sauce I used was nice, as I am quite partial to refried beans with Mexican food I really enjoyed the pinto bean sauce, it wasn't very spicy just a hint of warmth.

How did Miss Fish and Mr CLI like them, well Miss Fish ate it all up without any complaints, she even had some of the bean sauce.

Mr CLI, that's another story I think he enjoyed it, but I don't think his mind was on tea when I heard him trying to cut the nachos to eat with a knife and fork. If there was ever a food that you need to use fingers with it is nachos.

He ate it all BUT he was busy thinking of work and looking at his laptop while eating. When asked he said it was nice and he would have it again. Perhaps next time he will actually taste the food, never mind.

So I am off to hang more rotten washing out then getting into some sewing until my back lets me know it has had enough.

So till tomorrow haste le vista bebe ! LOL

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  1. Hehe nachos are definitely a fingers and hand kind of food! :P