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Monday, October 24, 2011

Runners, runners , runners everywhere

Now it not what you think there are no hairy white legs in shorts running about my house, but there are table runners.

A couple of weeks ago I went to my parents house and I wanted to go to a fabric shop that has cheap fabric, I was looking for specific colours for a quilt I had designed. My Mum said 'why don't we go through my fabric as I have too much", she didn't say this in my Dad's earshot !

So through her fabric we went, well Miss Fish thought it was heaven she came home with 2 large plastic bags groaning under the weight of all her new fabric. I also came home with a large amount. so much so that it is sitting in piles on the spare table in my sewing room ! lol

Some of the fabric that Mum gave me was half or not started at all Christmas projects, so I have been busy last week sewing them together to make some table runners. The runner top above started out as 4 squares of cute puppies dressed for Christmas, I have added to them and now finished a completed top.

This is one of the cute doggies.

Another idea I had was to sew a whole lot of 2 1/2" squares together then free motion applique some holly leave and berries on. Once I got all the squares together it was far to busy and bright for the applique, so I am only going to free motion quilt leaves and berries in a bright red cotton I bought recently.

Lots and lots of little squares.

Another find from Mum's was some fan shaped pieces that I have sewn together to create 2 halves of a flower, these are also in Christmas colors. Mum also gave me a piece of dark green damask, I am going to cut in half and applique the 2 flower half one the other half I am going to applique holly and berries.

This was going to be my enjoyment for today, but I have woken up with my back bent in pain, goodness only knows what I have done to it, some I am restricted to my chair, never mind I can cut out my holly and berry shapes.

This is the runner I made to cover the very ugly mantelpiece in our kitchen/dining area.

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  1. I need to get some new runners (not the human kind or the footwear kind :P )