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Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Oh to live in Europe

My all time dream holiday is to spend at least 4 weeks driving around Italy and France to see, eat and cook their produce. My only hope is if we win tattslotto.

I can only do this vicariously at the moment by reading blogs from people that live in France. I recently found 2 blogs for ladies that have houses in France.

Karen Booth lives 6 months in England and the other 6 months in France. Her blog - Lavender and Lovage -has beautiful photos of local produce as well as the recipes using this produce.

The other lady Jude has a house in London and another in Brittany. Her blog is called A Trifle Rushed, what a lovely name.

So while I read their blogs I will wish and want and hope that one day I can get to see these Countries for real.

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  1. Ahh yes to live in Europe and have access to those wonderful ingredients! But alas I think I might miss Australia a bit too much :)