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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Off to Mexico I Go

A short blog today, as I have been running around town this morning getting some things done including the ingredients for tea tonight. Which if my brain had been working I wouldn't have had to go to 2 supermarkets and still come home missing one ingredient !

For tea tonight we are going Mexican. I will be making my favourite baked enchiladas, which I am going to serve with cheese nachos on which I am going to dollop a refried bean salsa topping that I found in the supermarket today.

The are made by Mission and are white corn unfried tortilla chips. I haven't used them before so I will interested what they taste like.

This is the sauce by Old El Paso - pinto bean, tomato and onion.

On top of the nachos I will also be putting a generous dollop of greek yoghurt with a few drips of Tabasco for some warmth. All of this I be serving a simple salad.

I try to have either salad or steamed vegies every meal.

I will let you know tomorrow what they new foods tasted like.

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