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Thursday, October 20, 2011

Yesterdays Project

Miss Fish modelling her new work bag. In her favourite colour red, the front flap has strawberries on it.

Miss Fish has a fetish for purses and bags, it is nothing for her handbag that she takes to work to be filled to the brim with about 10 or more purses. Once she went into respite and they searched through her purses for spending money and found a total of $24 !!

Well her work bag, which she has been using for a couple of years had started to wear out so I was tasked to buy her a new one, now knowing the trouble I had last year when looking and not finding another bag similar to her current one I was putting off this job, but as luck would have it when we were in the fabric shop in Melbourne last week she found all these large bags made up, so she tested the fit out on herself. She likes a large soft bag that can be filled to the brim !

After much searching we found a pattern for a laptop bag, not that she has a laptop but she needs a large bag for all stuff !

So I made it yesterday with some swearing because the front of the flap is made in oilcloth which is like a vinyl tablecloth so it slipped and slithered on the sewing machine.

I left a lot of the steps out she doesn't need a hard base or bag feet, just a big soft bag that she can throw over her head and fill with her things.

She was very happy last night when she saw it and swapped her stuff from her old bag too her new bag and off she went this morning with it.

I actually bought enough material to make 2 bags so when this one wears out I can make another one for her.

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