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Friday, May 18, 2012

Well its Friday and Apple Tea Cake

Well another week has gone and where did it go, in my case in a blur of trips into town and sitting in different Doctors rooms waiting to be seen.

Also more baby things I thought I might have a bit of show and tell on what Miss Le Coiffure and I have been sewing, she is my ironing and cutting girl.

The first cot quilt now finished with aqua binding.

The reason I bought this one was because it had owls and frogs to things that are in the theme of baby things.

This was bought before we knew what sex the baby was.

A selection of the bibs we have made.

Nappy Bag Number 1 !

Number 2 is still being made.

Link to the instructions


One of the baby blankets.

This was made before we knew bubby is a girl, but who is to say that she won't like cute little elephants and penguins.

Now to the apple cake. My girls when they went to school and even now for Miss Fishes "work", they always take a cake with them on the day of their birthday.

Now this year Miss Fish wanted a pool cake which had lots of elements so to make it easy for myself and also make something a bit healthy lol  that wasn't covered in icing I used a packet mix and turned it into an apple tea cake.

Now you can add the apple topping to any butter cake mix packet or hand made, it will still give you a lovely cake to eat warm for afternoon tea.

 This is the packet mix I used.

Apple Tea Cake
1 packet cake mix or 1 amount of cake mixture for a basic butter cake, 2 - 4 apples sliced thinly I used a mandolin and also left the skin on because the slices were so thin, 2 tbsps caster sugar mixed together with 1 tsp ground cinnamon

Preheat oven to 180.c or temperature on packet. Grease and flour one 22 cm springform tin.

Make cake as per packet/recipe instructions. Place into cake tin and smooth the surface even.

Place apple slices onto top forming a pretty pattern and ensuring that the cake is covered.

Sprinkle sugar/cinnamon mix over the top.

Bake as per instructions or until a wooden skewer comes out clean.

Remove from the oven, sit on a cake rake, unclip and release sleeve of the cake tin.

Once cooled remove base carefully. Eat and enjoy.

Well till next week ...

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