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Thursday, May 31, 2012

Oh What A Week . . .

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Well I have been out of action playing Nurse, not the image of suspenders & high heels, but scrubbing clothes and toilets. Also running backwards and forwards tending to my patients.

We have had a form of gastro go through the house and so far I have managed to keeps the germs at bay, probably by constant use of hand sterilizer, which is making the skin on my hands very dry.

So there hasn't been any cooking only making of gastroade and dishing out of nausea gastro stop tablets.

One bright spot in the week was I have sold another quilt, so of to Spotlight I went to get more batting so I can complete another quilt to sell.

On the baby sewing front Miss Le Coiffure and I managed to get some cot sheets sewn on Monday, before the bug hit her and Mr CLI.

So till tomorrow and hopefully a patient free house.

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